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The company went to Jing Gangshan held democratic life meeting of leadership
Date:2017/7/3 PV:2067

24th-28thof June, Directors, supervisors, senior managers of company and leaders of subsidiaries went to Jing Gangshan to carry out educational practice and hold democratic life meeting of leadership.


During the meeting, all the leaders learned about struggle and spirit of Jing Gangshan, visited Jing Gangshan Revolution Museum, the former residence of Mao Zedong and Red Army Hospital. They also laid wreaths to the revolutionary martyrs in the Jing Gangshan revolutionary martyrs cemetery.


During democratic life meeting on the 27th of June, all the leaders of company learned general outline of “Chinese Communist Party Constitution”, “Several Provisions on Clean Government Practitioners in State - owned Enterprises”, “On the improvement of work style, close contact with the masses of the eight provisions”, “Chinese Communist Party standards of honesty and self - discipline” and sub-criterion of “Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations”. During the democratic life meeting, leaders of company Zhang Ziyan, Chen Xiaodong, Tan Qiubin, Zhang Bin, Wang Xiaobin, Ma Xiaotian, Jin Zhijiang, Zhang Jian made speeches about Criticism, supervision and democratic appraisal. After this, principals of each subsidiary made a discussion about work ideas and measures of “the 13th Five-Year Plan” and “the 14th Five-Year Plan”. General-director of company Chen Xiaodong made a report about business conditions from January till May and proved the feasibility of constructing clothing industrial park in Ethiopia.


President of company Zhang Ziyan made a conclusion of this meeting, he pointed out that we learned the Jing Gangshan spirit, we must have a strong spirit when facing difficulties; We must rely on masses and all staff, to make our Guotai a better company. Guotai will become mediocre company if we don’t ger better. The scale of Guotai is still small right now, but our goal is to become a global leader in the industry. We must learn the advances from other companies and make our Guotai a law-abidingcompany which has social responsibility and good reputation.


Later, Zhang Ziyan made an analysis about how to make Guotai stronger from a financial perspective. First, we must reduce capital occupation, improve capital efficiency, and try to avoid interest-bearing debt; Second, Be cautious about foreign investment, strengthen the management of company, unify the internal financial system and accounting discipline; Third, set evaluation index for the company, on the basic of unifying the financial system and accounting discipline, evaluate the main leaders of each company. After this, Zhang Ziyan made a communication about deepen the examination and encouragement and restraint mechanism with other participants. He pointed out that the core of deepen the examination and encouragement and restraint mechanism is to care about the work and life of staff, open the promotion channel for the talented people.

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