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The company held a forum of young staff representatives
Date:2017/5/5 PV:1785

On the afternoon April 26th, the company held the forum of young staff representatives in the Yang Zi Hall of Guomao Hotel. The president of company Zhang Ziyan, principals of Human Resources and Information Department and Trade and Investment Promotion and Overseas Business Department attend in the forum. The 30 young staff representatives were chosen by the way of random extraction, these young staff have already worked 1-3 years and come from different subsidiaries.


During the forum, the young staff representatives actively speak with their own experience, they talked about ideal, experience and feelings, provided many advices about talent training, management and team building, they also expressed their psychological demands and expectations.


Zhang Ziyan answered their demands and expectations one by one, made an introduction about the history of Guotai and the spirit of Guotai people’s hard-working. He pointed out that talented person the fundamental of a century of Guotai, he gave some expectations to the young staff representatives: Do more observation, more learning, more practice during work, accelerate growth; Establish a correct outlook on life and values, learn from advanced and classic Guotai people; Persevere and do a good job of your own work. The company will increase the concern of young employees to guide them integrate into the company, to lay the foundation of the establishment of first-class international integrated trading company.


This forum built a connection between leaders and the young staff of the company. The leaders have a deeper understanding of the young staff’s dynamic thinking and development needs. After the forum, the company made a collection of all the young staff’s speech to make a “Guotai Brief” and organize special studies for leaders and principals of each subsidiary about this.

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