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The Group held 2016 annual summary awards ceremony
Date:2017/1/21 PV:2421




On the afternoon of January 19th, 2016 annual summary awards ceremony of the Group was held in Zhang Jiagang Bao Li Grand Theater. Directors, Supervisors, Executives, Group Consultants and Group Consultants of International Group Guomao Co., Ltd. Principals of each company, all staff whose level is higher than chief, about 700 people attend in the ceremony. The ceremony is presided over by the Chief Executive Officer Tan Qiubin.


During the ceremony, director-genreal of company Chen Xiaodong did 2016 annual report of Guotai Group, the report covered many aspects, including Import and export trade, emerging industries, real estate and hotels, financial investment, domestic trade and e-commerce, human resources, risk prevention and safety production. Chen Xiaodong pointed out that for “the 13th Five-Year Plan” and “the 14th Five-Year Plan”,  based on the current, we should make a long-term plan, strengthen the control of the supply chain, provide good service and implement "big client strategy". On the other hand, we should strengthen the innovation, research and development of product, and strengthen the contruction and management of supply factory, to help Guotai become a first-class international integrated trading company.


All the 2016 annual advanced collectives and individuals of Group were cited during the ceremony. An award ceremony was also held for advanced enterprise, Branch offices, business departments, industrial departments which obtained “Star of the team”.


Chairman of Hua Sheng, Jin Zhijiang, General Manager of Guo Hua,  Zhang Bin, Chairman of Hua Rong, Guo Jun, Deputy Genaral Manager of Guo Hua, Sun Ling, Deputy General Manager, Shao Xueyan, Manager of the second branch of Han Bo, Xu Xiaolan, Chief of the fifth department, Branch Ya Rui of International Group Guomao Co., Ltd, Xiong Jing, Chief Assistant of the third department, Branch Sheng Yi of Yi Da, Wang Liya, Manager Assistant of the first branch and Chief of the first department, Li Tian, Lu Huijuan, Housekeeping Director of Nan Yuan Hotel, Luo Hao and Factory Director of Zi Ning Guotai Guohua Co., Ltd.made a conference exchange and speech.


Chairman of company, Zhang Ziyan pointed out that, 2017 is not only the 25th anniversary of Guotai acquiring import and export rights, but also the 20th anniversary of the group establishment. With all Guotai people’s hard-working of 20 years, we initially completed accumulation of resources and elements, including System, mechanism, system, talent, capital and market, and we finally achieved the strategic layout of major asset restructuring.



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