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Chairman Zhang Attended the City’s Entrepreneurs Forum
Date:2016/2/3 PV:2185

In the afternoon on February 1, the Spring Festival Entrepreneurs Forum, held by municipal commission and government, was convened in Shazhou Lake Hotel. City leaders Yao Linrong, Zhu Lifan, Gao Jiangang, ChanYuzhen, Xu Zhonggao, Bian Dongfang, Zhang wei took part in the discussion. Group Chairman Zhang Ziyan attended the forum as one of the 2015 warehouse paid over RMB 50 million yuan of taxes in the city.

The Secretary of Zhangjiagang Municipal Committee Yao Linrong emphasized that, 2016 is a wonderful year full of challenge, and the municipal commission and government will make great efforts with all the enterprises, taking the construction of “strong, rich, beautiful, high” New Jiangsu as the overall direction, striving to be the vanguard to achieve the modernization.Vice secretary of municipal committee, the mayor Zhu Lifan required that, various departments at all levels should further increase the ability of serving for enterprises, strengthen the responsibility to bear the unreal for the enterprise, helping to develop the enterprises.

In 2015, GTIG achieved 43.2 billion RMB sales income, and paid state and land taxes and fees of 537 million RM, which made GTIG become a new member of the city's treasury revenue over five hundred million enterprises.

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