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Suzhou Garden Hotel Organized Female Employee Activities
Date:2013/3/11 PV:3553




     Joy, the grass sprout out of the earth, it is a year spring came. In the bloomy spring season, the warmth of our annual "women's day". This year, the hotel party branch (union) is a female worker carefully organized a happy, memorable farming garden tour.
      At fifteen to eight in the morning, we set off on time, after more than an hour's drive, the destination - jiangnan farming culture. Under the guidance of the guide, visit our department sisters with gusto of the scenic spots in the grounds. Plantation in the agricultural history, from the most primitive to the today's scientific development and utilization of land, ecological farm, we have witnessed the course of the history of farming, and sighed with emotion infinite wisdom of human beings; In the animal culture zones, we see in addition to the common horses, pigs, rabbits and other animals, the animal also saw all sorts of interesting game: race dog, chicken, pig, etc., many sisters still live served as cheerleader, watch the animals cheer for yourself...
     After visited the park attractions, entered the game loop. As the largest sector, our housekeeping department to participate, actively take part in. Sisters tacit cooperation, and strive to play racing, beside the rest pep talk. Game, fall, sweat, hard work, persistence, but it is more laughter.
      Through the outdoor activities, we female worker is in the busy work to taste the fresh charm of nature, also feel the care of female employees of the hotel. At the same time, more let us know the "treasure", should treasure every grain of rice on the table, because the hard-won, each all pain; More to cherish the present job, do a good job in the existing is about yourself, the best reward for the hotel! 


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