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Zhangjiagang Cotton Imports were Top 1 in 2011
Date:2012/1/31 Source:China Tex Index PV:4938
         In 2011, zhangjiagang inspection and quarantine inspection import dealt with 354000 tons of cotton, value $940 million, up by 0.7% and 43.4% respectively compared to the cotton imports accounted for about 12.5% of the national cotton imports, accounting for about 55% of the cotton imports in jiangsu province, the first column. Especially in December, the import of cotton 64000 tons, up 46.3%, the first month of cotton imports breakthrough 60000 tons.
        In order to improve the import of cotton weight inspection results and the accuracy of the effectiveness of regulation, the first try first, through the "three innovation", or "innovation value, innovation way heavy release patterns, the innovation of regulating means" to realize the effective supervision. In 819 throughout the year in the cotton imports of detection is unqualified imports cotton of 769, 93.9% of the import of cotton exist grade and short weight, length, micronaire, strong and index is not accord with the request of contract. In addition, inspection also found part bale cotton with blasting and with mildew and damaged, damp mix in bale cotton, an short fiber with quality problems, disposal of the abnormal situation of 11. The inspection appraisal services, help enterprise foreign imports cotton claim $12.812 million, the import of cotton first super $claim amount, powerful safeguard the import of cotton trade order and the legal rights of the enterprises.


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