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Ten Years in WTO, Foreign Trade Average Annual Growth Rate of 21.6%
Date:2011/12/12 PV:4565
        According to the customs statistics, to join the world trade organization for ten years, the China import and export value from us $2001 in 2010 to 2.97 trillion growth dollars, the average annual growth of 21.6%, as the world's largest exporter and the second biggest importer. The customs by the 2001 tax 249.23 billion yuan of growth in 2010 to 1.25183 trillion yuan, is at the beginning of the wto of 5 times.
        The general administration of customs announced today the first 11 months of our country foreign trade import and export situation. According to statistics, January to November, our country foreign trade import and export total $3.30962 trillion, than last year the corresponding period grows 23.6%. Among them, the export $1.72401 trillion, up 21.1%; Imported us $1.58561 trillion, an increase of 26.4%. $138.4 billion trade surplus, narrow 18.2%.
        In November, China import and export value is 334.4 billion dollars, up by 17.6%. Export of $174.46 billion, up 13.8%; Imported us $159.94 billion, an increase of 22.1%. Monthly trade surplus of $14.52 billion, narrow 34.9%.
        Statistics show that, since August this year since, our country monthly export growth dropped from month to month speed, were 24.5%, 17.1%, 15.9% and 13.8%. Expert analysis, next year our country foreign trade development will still face the world economic recovery slowdown, such as foreign demand downturn challenges. At present, we should continue to adjust and optimize the import and export commodity structure, and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises, promote trade competitiveness.
        The first 11 months, guangdong, jiangsu, and 7 provinces and cities total foreign trade accounts for more than eighty percent, and the Midwest is the national export growth was higher than the same period overall export growth. Including chongqing, in henan, guizhou and jiangxi provinces and municipalities to export growth were 1.8 times, 78.4%, 56.3% and 68.1%.


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