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Weaker Demands make Recovery Harder in the Textile Industry
Date:2011/11/25 PV:3640

        'Cotton Price' roller coaster 'not only makes the cotton farmers suffer , but also those of us who suffer at the end of the textile industry chain, small and medium enterprises. "Dezhou City, Shandong Province Xiajin County Henry Cotton in the wind king boss lamented," from early September to the Spring Festival cotton processing enterprises before the busiest period, but as far as I know, XIAJIN may have 95% of enterprises have been discontinued, like me, and some companies simply declared bankruptcy and began selling the machines. "
"You could say that this year is the most difficult year in history, more than 2008 financial crisis Shihai difficult." Vosges Sun on your chairman laments, resulting in industry-there are two main difficulties of the prominent factors: First, the cotton rose fell, increasing business risk; second is the financial crisis, European and American market recovery difficult to see the dawn, weakening consumer demand, reduced orders. "In the past European and American customers to buy shirt, buy a dozen, now replaced by-piece to buy, and this difference be?"
        The survey found more in Shandong, "no money" situation in the textile industry chain prevalent in all sectors. From cotton farmers, cotton buyers to cotton processing enterprises, textile enterprises, to the finished cotton business, no exceptions. Acceptance of the China Securities newspaper reporter who interviewed companies and industry experts believe that raw material costs in the textile business in the highest proportion, cotton 'roller coaster' rapid amplification of the company's cost control risk, poke several decades in the textile industry can not change the "old pain." Substantial growth in exports after the WTO in recent years with production factors including labor prices, the weakening of a number of policy dividends or disappear, the Chinese textile industry not only to respond to some Southeast Asian countries wantonly "grab one", also face U.S. and European markets orders caused by weak demand has shrunk. This became the textile industry of the "new injury."
        They believe that the old pain and new injuries together and next year may reoccurrence of textile export difficulties. Old pain treatment, the relevant departments need to co-ordinate production and distribution of raw materials, enterprises to improve their adaptability to the market; treatment and new injuries, the need to upgrade the industry to accelerate, out of the quagmire of low-end get together

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