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Clothing Enterprise Cannot Avoid "Internet" as the Big Market
Date:2011/11/25 PV:4464

        Online and offline each have their own platform and space, but overlapping, exclusive part. if you manage them well, complement each other online and offline, can maximize the brand's market share; if not, the online and offline fratricide, crowding each other for survival.
        Increasingly hot online sales
        August 1, 2011, China Chain Store & Franchise Association, issued the "2011 online retail business of traditional retailers to carry out research." The data show that in 2010, China's Internet users reached 457 million, Internet penetration rate of 34.3%; online shopping transactions totaling more than 500 billion yuan, accounting for total retail sales of about 3.5%; 161 million users of online shopping, 48.6% annual growth, network Retail business is in a period of rapid development.
        All-pervasive Internet, companies have been unable to avoid the "online shopping" this big market. According to the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, in the hundred in 2010, the chain has launched a network of 52 retail business.
        Earlier this year, Wal-Mart's international retail speculators trying to use $ 500 million acquisition of 360buy Mall, but in the end because both views can not fail to reach agreement led to the acquisition. But Wal-Mart did not change the determination of the electrical business transformation, high-profile announcement shortly after shop complete with 1 "marriage" and thus the curve onto the road of electronic commerce.
In addition, with the official website of Chinese landed in China Armani, Gucci flagship store opened electronics, e-commerce gradually in the clothing industry reveals an important role, many apparel brands have set up the Internet or network Taobao flagship stores ... ... into e-commerce has become in recent years to the clothing fashion industry trend of development.
        The impact of line speed
        Many retailers should not forget that due to dealer complaints to LG headquarters 360buy Mall and other B2C e-shopping disrupt the price system, the impact of offline marketing, LG examines 360buy Mall.
But the findings of the study is not 360buy Mall exit LG's sales, but LG have seen the benefits and potential of online sales, LG 360buy Mall has become a strategic partner.
        "We are working to free the Internet!" An irate retailers, "said consumer to view samples of our store, pick styles, selected models, to the Internet to find bargains; or customers to the online price and We bargain, where do these prices down? we have fixed the store, there is a commitment to quality assurance and service! "
       In addition to connecting the traditional link between manufacturers and consumers as part of the Internet is still closer to the upstream, to become a manufacturer directly to meet the spending habits of the Internet age products, alternative to traditional products.
        For example, the Internet was born VANCL men's shirts and Masamasuo this brand myth. They sighed for traditional manufacturers such as Vladimir, the clothing business for over ten years, and even influence their own brand as the birth of two or three years of VANCL more far-reaching.
        It is reported, Eslite, with its marketing channels, logistics, product category, and other areas in the same industry has formed a high market visibility, and access to the capital market recognition. Meanwhile, Eslite more high-end apparel brand launched B2C e-commerce website V +, making it a strong product line has been added.
        And traditional manufacturing and sales are different, this use of the birth of B2C Internet brand, established distribution channels do not need to spend thoughts, no brains to maintain the balance between dealers, develop sales policies,
        How to integrate?
Now the traditional brands and Internet brands also each have their own market, cross-section less, conflict is not too strong, but how to do?
Line of traditional brands the best strategy against online brand is to allow himself to become the online brand.
        But if the same price online and offline, online is not much competitive; if there is a price to be competitive, the price must be lower than the line. Pricing as the traditional brands online and offline focus of conflict.
Moreover, the line of development is not all smooth sailing. "China's logistics industry is highly fragmented, there is no UPS and Fedex as the United States and coverage as professional as larger companies can rely on and we have no way to do self-distribution is the way to being a distribution company can not keep up with our rapid growth. "No. 1 shop chairman at just that, the logistics of e-commerce has been a pain.
         In fact, traditional retailers, "net" force is growing, however, but very few who get benefits, both direct investment in self-built channel Auchan, NGS, or adopt a cooperative model of Carrefour, TESCO, Currently in the development of online retail business, increase the exposure of traditional retailers, but the real benefits achieved less.
        Though there are difficulties, but there are some good explorers. Seven wolves strategy is to establish product independent "identity." Tangled for online and offline, seven wolves two years made some adjustments: the bar code for each piece of clothing made of "identity card", each garment has a password. Take the online channel needs to be authenticated before delivery to the online platform to sell, so you can find out the source of online sales. Specification, management, online and offline pricing of different products.
        Seven wolves shop in 2009 to achieve annual sales of only 890,000, but by 2010 Singles day, one day's sales have more than 500 million.
        Seven wolves Zhou Shaoming that the interests of online and offline is not easy to solve, there is no good solution, but will try to deal with the interests of online and offline disputes. Seven wolves are considering how to more than 3200 terminal into a service platform, up from a logistics solution to the price of the core points, unified repository for online and offline distribution. And now all the networks are selling low-priced, seven wolves also conform to this trend, as the season's goods as a network specifically for merchandise.
        He said that seven wolves will continue to use the advantages of traditional brands, combined with new Internet technology to establish front-end sales system. Seven wolves had to start from the main brand, the establishment of the mall. The future may be built as Mecoxlane this model, cooperation with other brands.

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